The Importance of Good Dog Grooming

Regular bathing and grooming appointments aren’t just important for keeping your dog clean and smelling good. At NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha, our veterinarians know that grooming sessions are also necessary for keeping your pet healthy.

Poor Dog Grooming Can Lead to Health Issues

Most owners try to keep their pets clean for cosmetic purposes, but the truth is that poor grooming can lead to several health issues. For example, a dog that is low or non-shedding that isn’t brushed or taken for dog grooming appointments on a regular basis can develop thick mats in their fur. Moisture and bacteria can then become trapped under those mats, which can lead to skin issues such as hot spots. Even short-haired dogs can benefit from regular pet bathing. It is not uncommon for a groomer to discover suspicious lumps or pests, such as ticks, during a bathing session.

Pet-icures for Your Pup?

Perhaps it is not quite a pedicure, but dogs also need to have their nails clipped on a routine basis. If left untrimmed, a dog’s nails can grow so long that they can cause your pet pain while standing or walking. At NEK Veterinary Services, we understand that many owners find it difficult to trim their dog’s nails. Canines can be sensitive and wary about having their feet worked on, so they may flinch or try to yank their paw out of your hand.

Some pets may even growl or act defensively when you try to trim their nails. It is also easy to accidentally cut a nail too short, which can cause your pet pain. That’s why nail trimming is often best left to the professionals, like our groomers at NEK Veterinary Services.

Call Us for All Your Dog Grooming Needs in Hiawatha, KS

If your canine needs bathing or dog grooming, contact NEK Veterinary Services to speak with a member of our staff. In addition to providing medical treatment for dogs, we also offer pet bathing and grooming services. Call our team today at (785) 742-2147 to learn more about our veterinary and grooming services.