Pet Grooming

There’s an old saying that the outside of a horse makes a person feel good. You need regular grooming for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

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NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha, KS, offers these grooming tips for busy pet owners.


Benefits of Routine Grooming

Grooming is not just about making your pet look good. It’s also a way to check your pet for new health problems, like scratches, bald spots, lumps, and bumps. These are often signs that your pet needs to see a veterinarian before minor issues become significant problems. So, while grooming your pet, you are multitasking.

Wait Until Your Pet Is Tired

Although some pets like to be brushed all day, many other pets often have too much energy to sit still long enough to be groomed. You’re better off playing or exercising your pet so they can burn off that energy. Groom when your pet is tired and less likely to wriggle or runoff.

You can spend less than a few hours brushing and combing your pet. A thorough brush is excellent and significantly reduces shedding, and even just a few minutes a day is better than nothing.

Give Your Pet a Special Reward

You want to transform grooming into a good thing for your pet. One of the best ways to do that is by giving an exceptional treat after the groom. What treat does your pet go wild for? Whatever it is, choose that treat. Then, only feed that treat after a successful groom so your pet associates grooming with getting that treat.

Dealing with Matted Fur

Although long-haired pets are gorgeous, their coats tangle quickly. Comb matted fur out by only doing sections at a time instead of the entire mat. Hold the fur between the mat and the skin. This tactic helps deaden the sensation of pulling. If a mat is stubborn and your pet is not a show animal, consider cutting the mat out.

Don’t forget about the Nails

While grooming and examining your pet, check the length of the nails. Trim them whenever they seem too long. Senior pets, in particular, have trouble with their balance. Long nails can throw them off balance.

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Grooming your pet takes time and commitment. Sometimes, you need a little help when life gets in the way. If you live in the Hiawatha, KS area, contact NEK Veterinary Services at (785) 742-2147 to make a grooming appointment for your pet today.