Pet Surgery FAQs

Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian When Your Pet Needs Surgery

It happens more frequently than most people realize.  Their pet is suffering from a health problem that only surgery can fix.  When it does, there are a lot of questions from the pet parents.  This can be a confusing time for people.  How do they know what questions to ask the veterinarian at the animal hospital?  This blog will serve as a starting point.  The website of Hiawatha, Kansas animal hospital, NEK Veterinary Services, can be used as a guideline.  


What Are Spay and Neuter Surgeries?

These are probably the least stressful of all of the pet care surgeries, spay and neuter.  The simple explanation is that these surgeries are performed on a cat or dog to prevent them from producing unwanted babies.  It is a fairly routine surgery.  Your questions may include:

  1. Does my pet need an exam prior to this surgery?
  2. How do I prepare my pet for this?
  3. How long does it take?
  4. How long is the recovery period?
  5. Are there any special instructions for post-surgery care?

Veterinarian doctors or their staff members, like those at NEK Veterinary Services, will be happy to answer all questions. 

Questions about General Surgery

Your first question is likely, "what qualifies as general surgery?"  These can consist of skin-related procedures like cysts or abscesses.  It can also refer to a tumor or stone removal procedure.  You will have plenty more questions.  They can include the following:

  1. How often does your facility perform these surgeries?
  2. How much experience does the veterinarian have?
  3. How soon should this surgery be performed?
  4. What happens after surgery?
  5. Can this condition return, even after surgery?

Again, do not be afraid to ask questions.  That is why we are here.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Basically, it is any kind of surgery done to repair injuries to your pet's body.  It can be tendons, muscles, bones, ligaments, etc.  Why would your pet need that?  Just like humans, pets can have accidents.  They can slip and fall in a bad way, for instance, down some stairs or because of a hole in your yard.  Their bones can suffer fractures or wind up totally broken.  The only method of fixing these types of injuries is orthopedic surgery. 

Questions That Can Apply to Any Kind of Pet Surgery

  1. How do I know when they need an exam first?
  2. Will simple pet care suffice or must they have surgery?
  3. How reliable is the pet surgeon?
  4. How good is he or she with the animals?
  5. Is it a small veterinary facility or a larger animal hospital?
  6. Do you have a list of references? (Applicable if you are first searching for an animal hospital to go to.)
  7. How expensive is this going to be?
  8. Do you have any kind of payment plan?
  9. Do you accept pet insurance and what kinds?

Folks, there is no question that is too silly to ask.  You only ask them for a reason.  Therefore, we are willing and able to give you answers.  If you are in Hiawatha, Kansas, give us a call first.  You will be happy you did. 


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