Pet Microchipping

Losing your dog or cat can be very traumatic and stressful, especially if there is no way to locate the animal.

Pet Microchipping in Hiawatha, KS 66434

Microchipping pets makes it easier to find them when they go missing. To avoid all the stress that comes with losing our precious animals, our team at NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha offers pet microchipping services.

What Is Microchipping?

When you have your pet microchipped, our veterinarians will implant a tiny microchip under your pet’s skin, between their shoulder blades. The microchip will have a number that coincides with your contact information, your pet’s name, and any medical issues they have. This information is then uploaded into a database that veterinary offices and other rescue locations can access. If your pet gets lost, the microchip can be scanned, allowing you to reunite with your pet sooner.

Is Microchipping Painful?

Microchipping is relatively painless. Our vets will use a syringe to implant the microchip, and it shouldn’t be any more painful than your pet’s annual vaccinations.

What Are the Benefits of Having My Pet Microchipped?

Having your pet microchipped can help you reunite with your pet quickly if they run away and get lost. Other benefits of microchipping include:

  • Proof of ownership: Unfortunately, some people steal pets when they are outside. If your pet is stolen and the ownership is in question, a microchip will prove that you are your pet’s true owner.
  • Better than tags: Many pet owners put tags on their pet’s collars that contain their contact information. Over time, the writing can wear off, making it difficult to read. Also, if your pet runs away, his or her collar can get caught on a branch and fall off. If this happens, it will be impossible for someone to contact you if your pet gets lost. If you have your pet microchipped, the ID cannot be tampered with.

How Long Does the Microchip Last?

Your pet’s microchip will last for his or her entire life. If you move or change your phone number or email address, your pet won’t need a new microchip. You would simply change your information in the pet database.

Contact Us to Get Your Pet Microchipped by Our Hiawatha Veterinarians

If you are interested in having your pet microchipped, schedule an appointment with NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha. Our veterinarians can implant the microchip efficiently, giving you peace of mind that your pet will be found quickly if they ever get lost. To schedule an appointment for microchipping or any other veterinary service, give us a call today.