Pet Surgeries

Hearing your pet needs surgery can be scary and leave you wondering exactly what the root cause is that requires them to have surgery.

Pet Surgeries in Hiawatha, KS 66434

General surgery includes spay and neuter surgeries and routine procedures. Orthopedic surgery for pets is a bit more complex and helps treat any injuries your pet may have. Before surgery, a veterinarian on our team at NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha, KS, can conduct a pet care exam to ensure the surgery is needed.

What Are the Most Common Elective Surgeries for Pets?

We can offer various pet surgeries to help provide your pet with treatment at our animal hospital. Common elective pet surgeries may include spaying, neutering, dental extractions, and the removal of skin growths.

What Are Common Non-Elective Surgeries for pets?

Sometimes accidents or emergent conditions arise requiring the need for surgery. Common non-elective surgeries for pets may include internal bleeding, skin lacerations, abscesses, intestinal obstruction, or fracture repair. Other critical surgeries may include malignant skin tumor removal, spleen cancer, or bladder stones.

What Are the Risks for Pet Surgeries?

Surgeries carry numerous risks, including complications to challenges during recovery. However, many surgeries are considered low-risk for pets, with very few experiencing significant difficulties.

Deciding to Move Forward with Pet Surgery

Making the final decision regarding your pet’s surgery can be a tough decision to make. The decision requires considering several factors, including the age and health of your pet, potential complications, recovery time, and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the decision is up to you; our veterinary care team can present information about the surgery and possible outcomes but you have to make the final decision.

What Is Post-Surgical Care Like?

You will likely be sent home with a list of post-surgical protocols and care for your pet. Post-surgical care for pets may include administering medication, food, and water, changing bandages, cleaning stitches, and tips to help your pet fully recover. It may be a good idea to provide your pet with a warm, quiet place to relax while recovering from surgery. Schedule a follow-up appointment with a veterinarian on our team to check our pet’s recovery process and to remove any stitches.

Speak with a Veterinarian on Our Team for a Pet Care Exam

If your pet is scheduled to have surgery, speak with our veterinary care team at our animal hospital to learn more about the procedure and recovery care. Our team at NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha, KS, can provide pet surgical care, including orthopedic surgery, general surgery, and spay and neuter surgeries. Call our office at (785) 742-2147 to learn more about the surgeries available and the benefits and risks of the surgery recommended for your pet.