When choosing a veterinary specialist to care for your pet, consider what you value most in a vet. An experienced veterinarian who provides compassionate, conscientious pet care services is sure to win your confidence and trust. At NEK Veterinary Services, you’ll work with veterinary specialists that have your pet’s best interests at heart. If you’re looking for quality veterinary services from a team that cares, look no further than your NEK animal hospital in Hiawatha. Here are the services you can expect from your Hiawatha veterinarian.

Pet Preventative Care

Preventative care is your pet’s first line of defense against sickness and disease. At NEK Veterinary Services, our wellness exams cover your pet from snout to tail. We’ll check your pet for signs of infection, parasites and disease. We’ll test your pet’s vision, hearing, heart, and lungs. A wellness exam will allow your vet to spot health issues in their early stages so your pet can get prompt and effective treatment.

Vaccinations, parasite control, spay/neuter services, nutrition counseling, microchipping and dental exams are also a part of preventative care. If your pet has dental issues like broken teeth, abscesses or periodontal disease, these will show up in a dental exam, so he can get the treatment he needs. Vaccinations will keep your pet safe from life threatening diseases like rabies or distemper. Your pet may need shots annually or every one to three years.

Spay services keep your female dog or cat from have babies while neuter services prevent your male dog or cat from impregnating a female to avert an unwanted pregnancy. Microchipping improves your chances of finding your pet if he gets lost or stolen.


At Hiawatha animal hospital, your pet can also benefit from dental, soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures to meet his health needs. Your pet may need dental surgery to extract a tooth, correct a jaw fracture, or remove tumors in his mouth. Soft tissue surgeries can help correct internal health issues your pet may have while orthopedic surgery can correct bone fractures. Surgeries are performed under anesthesia so your pet doesn’t feel discomfort and pain. If your pet needs medications to recover from surgery or to manage pain, these can be obtained from our in-house pharmacy to facilitate your pet’s care.


Our state-of-the-art facility has the latest in diagnostic equipment to include digital x-rays, endoscopy and on-site lab to diagnose conditions, injuries and diseases.


We also offer grooming services to keep your feline and canine looking great.

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