Many people that adopt pets from animal shelters have discovered that their pet has been microchipped. But what is microchipping and why is it so important? At NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha, we recommend microchipping dogs and cats as early as possible. Let’s look at the advantages of pet microchipping and how it can help reunite you with your furry friend if it gets lost.

Permanent Identification

Microchips serve as a primary means of identification for your pet. The chips do not require batteries or anything to make it work. The microchip is implanted during a painless and quick procedure that gives pet owners peace of mind. The only thing you will need to do is ensure your contact information is current. This can be done so free of charge in a national online database.

Microchips Are Better Than ID Collars

Collars and tags may work at first, but over time they become faded or worn out. Also, you always have to worry about them falling off, which means there would be no other way to identify your pet unless it has a microchip. There are no disadvantages if you have a collar and a microchip for your pet.

Microchips Are Used by Thousands of Pet Owners

Let’s say your pet becomes separated from you. Once it is brought to a veterinary center or animal shelter, the microchip can easily be scanned. The veterinarian or animal shelter worker will access your contact information and notify you to arrange a pickup time.

The Odds Are in Your Favor If You Microchip

The statistics do not lie when it comes to microchipping your pet. Thousands of animals become lost every year, and the chances of finding them are slim if the animal is not microchipped. Animals are curious, and there is always that chance it may wander from home. Don’t take the risk of losing your pet forever.

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