Most of the care you will provide for your pet will be preventative care. A pet that is properly cared for will often never need invasive types of care or surgery. At NEK Veterinary Services, serving Hiawatha, we would like to help educate pet owners on all the ways they can better care for their furry friends. Let’s look at the importance of vaccines and the role they play in your pet’s health and quality of life.

Understanding Vaccines

Vaccines are a special type of medication that helps build your pet’s immune system against certain diseases and infections. The animal is injected with a specially formulated vaccination that will present certain pathogens to the animal’s system in a safe way. This exposure will trigger the immune system to build antibodies to that pathogen. If the animal comes in contact with the pathogen again, the immune system is now ready and trained to fight it off.

Vaccines provide a layer of protection for your pet. If your pet encounters a pathogen when it has not been vaccinated, the immune system may not be able to create enough anti-bodies quickly enough to fight it off. Vaccines help keep your pet safe and healthy. Vaccinations keep other animals in your community safe and healthy as well.

Vaccine Safety

Some pet owners have concerns about the safety of veterinary vaccines. You can discuss all of your questions with your vet before your pet receives any shots. We are happy to provide you with all of the information you need to make a good, educated choice concerning your pet’s health.

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